Tiffany Diamond Rings
t is no doubt that there are thousands of the diamonds rings in the world, but thousands of the women are fascinated with the Tiffany diamond rings.
That is to say, the are one of the most attractive and charming diamond for the female through out the whole world.
It has been about 200 years for the creation of Tiffany diamond.
In the year of 1837, Tiffany and Yong opened a company in New York. Later, Mr. Tiffany praised highly of the diamonds for European nobles.

As a result, Mr. Tiffany started to purchase a lot of the diamonds from Europe.
Then with the gift to imprint jewel, Mr. Tiffany began to design the sole piece for these diamonds.
At last, a shipment of diamonds grasped the eyes of thousands of the Americans at that time, so the Medias in America started to make a lot of reports about the talented man.
What is more, Mr. Tiffany got the name of King of Diamond at that time. Generally speaking, the God gives a lot of chances to the gifted people.

In the end of the 19th century, Mr. Tiffany got a chance to develop his career, in which he bought a piece of from South Africa.
Tiffany Zellige is the work of the famous designer Paloma Picasso, who is well known for its rich colors in the world.
On the side, Paloma Picasso pushes off the new series of Zellige on the basis of the special and unique designs of.
However, as for the inspirations of this series of diamonds, they have originated from the pictures in a villa owning a history more than several hundreds years.

The exquisite designs matched up with the unique fashion savor of Paloma Picasso, the diamond of Tiffany has become more and more wonderful through out the world.
Secondly, diamond flower is the ring which has been pushed off by Tiffany in recent days.
According the name of the diamond, we can see that the shape of the diamond is similar with the flowers to some extent.
The petals are piled up which makes tiffany jewelry seem relatively beautiful.

In addition, this piece of thediamond ring is cut by the traditional method, in which the blue diamond in the center of the flower is very showy.
Tiffany Hearts is a series of the diamond rings which are produced by Tiffany.
It is said that every style of diamond ring is made from the most precious diamond in the world.
In order to extol the love,specially presented the series of Tiffany Hearts.

The simple and decent designs of the rings in the shape of heart can bring the love to their lovers, by which Tiffany has manifested its contribution to the love.
All in all, except the bright shape, the simple design of the Tiffany diamond rings add more practical using in life.
For example, we can wear the T-shirt, shirt, and we also can match up with the classical and graceful designs of the suit or ceremonial clothing.