Ceramic Watches The Next Big Thing
The progress of Armani CERAMIC is incredible! Ceramic as a substance is not just for pots. Today, the famous timepiece brand Rado has utilised the substance to make their collection of Ceramic black timepieces. Earlier, the brand has been the first in making ceramic timepieces. Chanel's craftsmen, however, saw the potential in using ceramic substances to create a bracelet and timepiece housing. This is how the collection known as J12 came into existence. Nowadays the J12 collection is seen as the roguish timepiece with the film star Lindsey Lohan and many other

It's time to say goodbye to steel and embrace ceramic, and the Chanel collection is leading the ceramic trend with sports timepieces which are available in black and white. The first ever ceramic timepiece was manufactured by Chanel in 2000. This is made of non-scratch, sophisticated ceramic materials. From the time it came out, these ceramic timepieces went through different changes and are currently the most sought after among the elite.

Fortunately, Chanel is not the only one. There are also other brands that manufacture ceramic watches like Technomarine. In fact, their collection are eye-catching in their vibrant colors. But if you are not that in-love and you are not ready to spend thousands on J12 or Technomarine you can turn your attention to other brands with the same ceramic materials but a lot cheaper. Emporio Armani, for instance, has brought out a collection of ceramic watches - in chronograph and classic design - that you can avail of for only 」379. Among all brands, the expert usually go with the AR1403. Emporio Armani came out with a group of resin or timepieces with rubber straps that look like ceramic without actually taking a big bite out of your pocket.

For design lovers who go for the apperance of ceramic sporty timepieces with more affordable price then you have to check Ice watch or other brands with the same features. There is the look like the J2 black and white that you can get for only fifty pounds and they are available in various colours as you like it. Ice watch gives a collection of different shades and tones and sizes although the variety that is loved the most is the one that is suitable for both sexes who are into extreme games. Furthermore, there is a great number of advertisements of the Ice watch brand by actors and actresses like football legend Carlos Valderama, Heroes main character James Kyson Lee, and distinguished film star Jordana Brewster.

There are also substitutes on the market that come in the form of resin timepieces. Produced by the The LTD workshop, resin watches are quite cheap at 」50 each. What is amazing about this brand is that they keep their watches only up to 250 pieces, meaning if you are lucky enough to get yourself one there is going to be only 249 people in the world having the variety of timepiece identical to yours, perfect for those who hope to set new fashion in designer timepieces. With tons and tons of watches at various price levels you should make your move now and join the ceramic watches revolution.



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