Cartier Watches for Women - A Helpful Guide
Are you looking into Cartier watches for women, either for yourself or for that special someone? Congratulations. Cartier makes truly iconic timepieces - watches that stand virtually alone as the most renowned, luxurious, and beautiful.

It was Louis Cartier's lifelong quest to create watches that were the "perfect balance between aesthetics, structure, and function," and while he died in 1942, each of today's lines of Cartier watches for women continue to embody that mission.

What to Choose - Styles & Investment

As you can gather, the question of which watch to purchase doesn't have a real answer. It's a choice best left to the buyer based on preferences of style, price, shape, and other factors. Here is a helpful summary of some of Cartier's more well known models.

Roadster: The Roadster line first hit the scene back in 2001 as a throwback to the sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s. It has a racy look with sleek curves, much as you'd see on a classy car. The Roadster's shape is much like the timeless Tortue model, though in general tends to be less expensive.

Tortue: The Tortue was designed as a woman's watch. Actually, the first men's Tortue came out in 1928, more than 15 years after the ladies watch first became available. This line is stunningly curvaceous and is a legendary shape exceedingly precious to collectors. The high price is indicative of this.

Tank: Tank was first released in 1917, and is still around today - it is yet another of Cartier's timeless lines. Simple but alluring, Tank has a rectangular face but includes a variety of "sub-styles" like Americaine, Francaise, Solo, Divan and others. Each style varies by shape of the rectangle, varying from long... to wide... to almost square. Prices differ widely within the Tank sub-styles as well.

Tankissime: While certainly similar to Tank's basic shape and style, Tankissime is in a class by itself. It is an extraordinarily elegant watch with a sleek silver or gold band perhaps better called a bracelet. The band is often studded with diamonds making it one of Cartier's most exquisite and valuable timepieces. The Tankissime tends to carry a five figure price tag making it one of the most expensive Cartier watches for women.

Pasha: Pasha is among Cartier's oldest lines, but offers a wide selection of styles (and prices) more than able to serve modern tastes too. It was originally designed as a swimming watch with its sleek, circular design that is inherently durable and water resistant. As opposed to several other models the Pasha face has numbers, rather than roman numerals.

Santos: Santos exemplifies the timelessness of Cartier with a presentation as current today as it was more than a century ago when unveiled in 1904. The face embraces fine geometric form with its iconic square inside a rectangle design. Rounded corners give the timepiece a feel of flow and energy.

Where to Buy - Traditional or Internet Retailer

When you're purchasing an expensive watch, regardless of whether it's a Cartier or Rolex or any other luxurious brand, the most important thing is to deal with someone you trust. Not only to stay away from fakes and replicas, but for several other reasons as well.

For one, you definitely need to make certain you're getting the full manufacturer's warranty as well as any authenticity certificates that come with it.

It's also important to understand what recourse you have available in the event that you decide to send it back... especially if it's a gift. Sure, it's difficult to imagine a woman who would not appreciate a Cartier, but with so many models she may not want to settle for anything less than the perfect one.

Also, in the rare event of a defect, it helps to be dealing with a seller you trust.

Bottom line... be certain you've explored the policies of a retailer you're looking into, and make sure you're satisfied with them.

There are many large online retailers who are accustomed to these concerns and have policies to ensure their customers are confident and happy, before and after they buy. While traditional retailers vary, your local high-end jeweler is typicallt just as committed to your satisfaction.

Naturally, price is also important. I've found that while it's nice to be able to examine a watch at a store, buying over the internet is generally a surefire route to getting the best deal. Fortunately, a lot of these companies also have exceptional reputations, client-focused policies, and great prices.

They make it simple to look through collections of ladies Cartier watches (like the ones above), while guaranteeing you'll be getting an authentic, satisfaction guaranteed timepiece.



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