History about adidas shoes
Adi and his brother Rudolf Dassler founded adidas in 1924 in Germany and famously known for the logo with three stripes initially created for keeping the foot stable, but was used as the company logo later on. As a passionate athlete himself, Adi Dassler was in touch with sports participants and he always was present in person at all the famous and important sports festivals and events. His fast Adidas Shoes made in his early twenties, created one of the biggest impact to athletes in their various diversified disciplines.

From soccer in Germany, short and long distance runners on track, basketball, net ball and rugby but paid particular attention towards his work and field. Actually, his fast spikes were experimented few years later on the track and other related field disciplines too.

With time, because time builds experience specialization on field and tracks took the company to another level because Adidas took the center stage of athletes in their various disciplines. The company is proud to be related to its esteemed customers because it is well known worldwide because of the wise decisions and reputation of the owner as the first entrepreneur to use sports promotion in order to make the public aware of his innovations. In Kenya's Rift Valley is not a normal place. This high-lying valley with its clean air is the home of Kenya's best runners in marathon and both long and short races on tracks. The company directly sponsors various athletes like Mangata Ndiwa, Wilberforce Talel, Isaac Songok, David Lekuta Rudisha, Augustine Choge, Silas Kiplagat and Janeth Jepkosgei who are doing tremendous wonders and miracles in running disciplines and enjoying honors of associating with the company in a two-way traffic partnership.
Sponsored individuals in their various disciplines are supplied with wide variety of products from the company including training clothes and Adidas Shoes for various training skills and field. The owner is proudly celebrated because he started using well-known athletes as advertising for his products way back before other competitors took his lead and with time due to its good brand, good reputation, innovation and creative skills the company is enjoying its global market. The company is at the peak of its sales and original main objectives because it's well known organization structure, leadership skills and rules and regulations governing the organizations objectives and mission from scratch.
Adidas Company has improved and diversified its products and is well known for various designs and proudly aligns its logo in everything they are producing from clothes, training tools and equipments, trophies and the most important product as their objective and reputation since the company started is the designs, looks, and variety of Adidas Shoe



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